19th Century Baseball
The Sporting Life

Excerpts Contributed by Robert H. Schaefer, Member of SABR

May 20, 1883. The Buckeye Club of Columbus, Ohio, possesses a spiked battery. The pitcher and catcher (Dunlan and Ryn) are mutes. They are pronounced prodigies in base ball.

A small dog bit Whiting, the Louisville catcher, on the little toe at the corner of Sixth and Walnut yesterday. It did not hurt Whiting much, but the dog ate a link of garlic sausage soon afterward to take the taste out of its mouth. (Cincinnati Enquirer

Sept. 3, 1883. Catcher Jim O'Rourke, the sweet smiler of the Buffalos, had his hand split and a finger knocked out of joint in the Buffalo-Chicago game of Aug. 16 at Buffalo, but a fair little damsel was on the stand, and he had too much nerve to weaken in her presence, so he pluckily caught the game out with his pockets full of tears.

Sept. 24, 1883. Roxburgh, of the Leadvilles, catches without a mask. How long will he continue it probably depends upon the number of fouls he is called on to catch. One of the audience remarked recently it reminded him of the engineer's opinion of the Indian who attempted to stop a train by standing on the track: "I admire his pluck" he said, "but blank his judgment." (Toledo Blade)

Oct. 1, 1883. Umpire Charles Daniles has invented a shield and protector for catchers, which promises to be a great affair, and certainly much needed.

Oct. 22, 1883. Walker, the colored catcher of the Toledo team, is a resident of Steubenville, Ohio. He has signed with that club for next season. He will attend school at Ann Arbor this winter.

Nov. 21, 1883. Bennett will not work this winter. His hands became so hard and inelastic last winter that they cracked easily when he commenced catching, and the cracks would not heal. He caught many a game last season with the blood dripping from his fingers' ends. He will take his work in a gymnasium this winter.


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